Thinking While Drinking is a group for anyone in the San Diego and Orange County area interested in discussing topics that will exercise, stimulate and expand your mind - all while enjoying a drink at different locations in our beautiful counties.

Each event has the following format:
First half hour is an opportunity to grab a drink/food, introduce yourself to other group members, and select which group you'll sit in. At the half hour mark everyone sits down in the small groups (set up by the organizers) and the facilitators lead 1.5-2 hours of conversation on the topic of the day.

We have a 10 participant to 1 facilitator ratio for each event. We set caps on each event based on the following four factors:
1) Location Capacity-space
2) Location Capacity-noise/ambiance
3) Facilitator Capacity-Interest
4) Facilitator Capacity-training/skill set

For any given event, any combination of these factors could be the limiting factor. Please stay on the waitlist and you will be informed if a spot opens due to someone else's cancellation.

Facilitators are our amazing team of volunteers who help guide the conversations of each event.

Visit the Volunteer page and tick the box along with your name, preferred email, and we'll contact you.  Thanks in advance!

We discuss a variety of topics all orbiting the concept of emotional intelligence. For a full listing of topics check out the Topics page.

We meet all over San Diego and Orange Counties. For a full listing of locations check out the Locations page.

Thinking While Drinking was started by Aaron K and inspired by the School Of Life.

The organizers select the topics we discuss but all suggestions are welcomed.  If you have an intriguing topic that you think a group of people can talk about for two hours please visit this link (coming soon)

Please let us know in the event comments if you think you are going to be late as we do our best to set up a group designed to accommodate those that are more than 30 minutes late.  We have found that the flow of conversation can get interrupted when people drop in late. 

That's just fine!  We do want to support the locations that host us, so if you do not drink, consider purchasing a soda or food item.

We are not suggesting that life's difficult and fascinating questions will be neatly answered during our meetups nor that any sort of professional therapy or dogma will take place. This is just a space to meet other curious, sociable and open-minded people in an atmosphere of exploration and enjoyment.