TWD Update Summer 2018

Hi everyone – we have two TWD announcements below as we head into summer but I personally wanted to kick off this note with a big Thank You.  Bob and Rozz and Kimberly have been instrumental in selecting topics, confirming locations, creating questions/notes and hosting Spin-off events in recent months and our group would simply not be where it is today without their help and hard work – thanks so much to each of you!

But of course there is no group to be instrumental within if it wasn’t for all our wonderful members that have joined us over the last two years! A huge thank you to all the facilitators, regulars, newbies and friends that have made TWD a little part of their life.  It is because of you and the momentum your participation creates that we are able to announce the following:

We’ve opened a second Thinking While Drinking group in Orange County!  Check it out here:  We’ve had two great events so far with our next one scheduled on June 9.  One of our fantastic SD members, Chaitanya, moved up to Irvine recently and is helping us organize and host the OC events.   We’ll dive into topics similar to what we discuss in SD at different bars, breweries, wineries and cool places all around the OC every other week (Tuesday nights and Saturday afternoons).  Stop by and say hi if you are ever in the area and just a reminder that we are always looking for more folks to help us facilitate events, choose topics, create notes, etc (in both SD and OC).  If you are interested please visit: …or…keep on reading…

…Because our second announcement is that there is a new way to support the group and help keep us going strong into year #3.  It’s called Patreon and provides a hassle-free way to become a ‘patron’ of TWD.  As a TWD patron you have the option to pay any amount between $1 to $20 per month to support the efforts of our group volunteer facilitators and organizers.  I just took a look at our calendar and see we’ve had an event every single Thursday or Sunday this entire year and we are now up to 185 official TWDs dating back to July 2016!  Crazy but I bring it up to say there is a lot of work from a lot of people that goes into making our group what it is and your support on Patreon will keep the wind in our sails.

Oh and there are rewards when you become a patron!  And you can learn about and see the progress towards our group goals.  It’s nice but I’ll stop describing it and just give the link:

Thanks again for being a part of TWD.  I’ll see you at an upcoming event somewhere in Southern California!