TWD Update Winter 2017

It’s time for another TWD Update as we wind down 2017. And what a year it has been – from January 1 through November 19, we’ve met every single Thursday night and Sunday afternoon! (except January 15 wtf!?) That’s a total of 92 official events all over SD County diving DEEP into all sorts of fascinating topics (check out every topic here). Add to that a slew of Community Spinoff events where we joined our members as they read poetry, bonfired at the beach, played live music, and walked and talked around the pond.

It’s been an incredible year…and a busy year! It’s because of this non-stop schedule, the organizers have decided to take an extendo holiday break. From Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 23 through New Year’s Eve, Sunday, December 31, we will be pressing pause on TWD official events. During this time, we’ll recharge and ramp up for an exciting 2018 with our first event in the new year on Thursday night January 4, 2018.

All that being said, there is one more special event this year that everyone is invited to – our Second Annual Christmas Party! It’ll be on Sunday, December 10th starting in the afternoon at a cool location to be named shortly. We’ll post an event as per usual with all of the information and RSVPs details on meetup soon – keep an eye out!

Lastly, I hope you’ll join me in recognizing a few members of the group that are directly responsible for all the great events and memorable moments this year:

Each and every facilitator – for every event, there are amazing members that volunteer their time and effort to sign up ahead of time and agree to lead a table of fellow members through the topic for the night. The reason we are able to have events where upwards of 60 people attend is because the facilitators are always willing to help. Thank you one and all!

Bob K, Vique, Daniel & Rozz – these four have each helped organize our group at different times throughout the year. Coming up with topics, coordinating with locations, posting events to the site, setting up tables and chairs, and ensuring our community stays true to it’s roots of civil, thought provoking conversation as more and more people attend are just SOME of the ways they helped organize this year. Bob has recently stepped up to the co-organizer role and has been instrumental in putting events together for the last two months. Thanks Bob and thank you for everything V, Daniel and Rozz!

Sarah – what can I say. The reason our group is flourishing? Sarah. The reason we have notes and multiple questions for every event? Sarah. Spinoff events, table placards, games at the anniversary party, topics for months? Yeah thats right, all Sarah. She recently stepped away from the co-organizer role and we’ve missed her at recent events but make no mistake that she was the driving force behind so many of our events this year and will end up in the Thinking While Drinking Pub of Fame! Much love, Sarah.

Thanks everyone for a great year and I’ll see you at the Christmas party!