On Honesty

In lieu of a video, Daniel will be giving a short speech, after which we’ll break out into groups to discuss.

What does honesty mean to you and what is its value?

What roles do culture and parenting play in our attitudes about honesty?

Does everyone deserve the truth?

Should we be honest at all times?

Are there circumstances where we routinely lie?

Work-Life Balance

As a general principle: no entity can be optimally efficient at more than one thing. The more limited the goals, the higher one’s chance of efficiency. A multipurpose machine – human or corporate – is always going to be less efficient than one which is dedicated to a single purpose.

Our brains are not specifically designed or evolved to be maximally efficient at one thing. Instead, this cognitive and emotional machine is profoundly generalist – it comes moderately well equipped for a huge range of possible activities

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What Do Cynical People Really Want?

Cynics will tell you that everyone is selfish and weak; that ‘the system’ is rigged and driven by greed; that you can never succeed so it’s pointless (and contemptible) to try

That all ideals are ridiculous and that ‘do gooders’ are only out to show off their own (supposed) virtues.

Their downbeat assessments are based not on dispassionate analyses of our species but on an inner emotional compulsion.

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History Of Failure

Humans have always seriously messed up their lives.

Athens 429 BC – Premier of a tragedy called Oedipus Rex written by playwright Sophocles. Story of a highly honorable and capable man who messes up his life in a catastrophic way but the audience doesn’t view Oedipus as a loser. Greek tragedy designed to show audiences that terrible things can and very often do happen to good people. We must remain sympathetic and kind in the face of failure.

Similar story of Spartan army at Battle of Thermopylae. Small number of Spartans held out to the last man against a larger Persian force (Seen in the movie 300). Spartans defeated but their failure was seen as noble. You can lose and be good

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Why Nice People Are Scary

We all say we want to be with someone nice – it sounds so plausible. But in practice, its pretty hard to deal with niceness when it does come along

A tiny part of us might think…if they’re any good, why are they interested in us? If we aren’t totally convinced of our own lovability, another persons affections can be a bit unnerving

i.e. wouldn’t they rather be with someone else…is something wrong with them?

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