The Meaning of Life

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Why is wondering about the meaning of life is an important activity? What are practical steps to ensure we lead lives of maximal meaningfulness?

Reasons people say life has no meaning:
1. Religion – life had a clear meaning given to us by god. Meaning was about worshiping him
2. Modern science – scientists tell us life emerged from random interplay of chemicals and gases. Meaning for humans and all living things is survival and propagation of genes. Sounds true but futile and melancholy.

No objective meaning written in the stars, in holy books or in DNA

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What factors do you think contributed to your current level of self esteem?

Liking our self is crucial to any feeling of well being.

Why then people with modest job, unspectacular bodies, unglamorous friends who confidently claim high self esteem? Seem to like themselves without signs of approval from the world. Others where no amount of prestige of financial success does the trick.

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How To Use Drugs

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What is a drug and which do we need? Essentially – drug is a thing that alters your mood acting via either the body or the senses to make an impact on the mind. We think about the weird, escapism, hyperactive and ecstatically relaxed

Easy to have a negative view of drugs. Drug dealers, raves, overdoses, rehab – things can go horrifically wrong around drugs. Does our awareness of the negatives create a misleadingly narrow view the subject

Drugs are at best – serious, dignified, noble, important and we need more in our lives

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Why We’re All So Anxious

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Are you anxious in today’s world? About work, people you have to see, chores?

Anxiety seems to be about certain things and if overcome we reach serenity but we’re anxious to our core – in the make up of our being

We’re up against anxiety as a permanent feature of life – dogged and existential. Responsible for ruining a dominant share of time on earth

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Who Am I?

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Is it right to think of ourselves as the same person throughout life?

Personal identity – What ways are we ‘continuous’ through time? Where is personal identity located?

Does our body guarantee personal identity? If you lost all parts of your body but could keep 1 bit, what would it be? Almost all would pick our brain. So some parts of us our more ‘me-ish’ than others

How does the soul fit into this?

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