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1/20/19San DiegoDealing With Criticism WISDOM FOR LIFE
1/17/19San DiegoBeing vs. Doing ModernHealthMonk
1/13/19San DiegoA Reason Not to Worry What Others Think School of Life
1/10/19San DiegoHow to Practice Effectively Ted-Ed
1/6/19San DiegoWhy We Hide Our Good Deeds SciShow Psych
1/3/19San DiegoHow to Keep Your New Year's Resolution Ted-x
12/23/18San DiegoWhy Are We So Attached To Our Things? Ted-Ed
12/9/18San DiegoWhy Mindfulness Is a Superpower Happify
12/2/18San DiegoKnowing Ourselves Intellectually vs. Knowing Ourselves Emotionally School of Life
11/25/18San DiegoIntensity vs Consistency The RSA
11/20/18OCOn Social Media ASAP Science
11/18/18San Gabriel ValleyWhy We Hate Cheap Things School of Life
11/18/18San DiegoThe Importance of Atonement School of Life
11/17/18Las VegasHow To Become A Better Person School of Life
11/15/18San DiegoWhy is Work So Boring? School of Life
11/13/18OCShould You Trust Your First Impression? Ted-Ed
11/11/18San DiegoHow to Cope with Snobbery School of Life
11/8/18San DiegoThe Secret to Leaving Comments Online School of Life
11/4/18San DiegoWhy Small Pleasures Are a Big Deal School of Life
11/3/18Las VegasThe Purpose Of Friendship School of Life
11/3/18OCWu Wei School of Life
11/1/18San DiegoWhy We Don't Really Want to be Nice School of Life
10/28/18San DiegoOn Wisdom School of Life
10/25/18San DiegoPhilisophical Meditation School of Life
10/21/18San DiegoWhat Is Your Attachment Style? School of Life
10/18/18San DiegoHow to Keep Growing Up School of Life
10/14/18San DiegoIs It Better to Be Polite or Frank? School of Life
10/11/18San DiegoThe History and Future of Dating School of Life
10/7/18San DiegoHow To Be Selfish School of Life
10/4/18San DiegoThe Weakness of Strength School of Life
9/30/18San DiegoRescue Fantasies School of Life
9/27/18San DiegoDoes Being Bilingual Make You Smarter? Seeker
9/23/18San DiegoOn Giving Fewer F*cks Wesley Lavinder
9/22/18San DiegoIs It Better to Be Polite or Frank? School of Life
9/20/18San DiegoWhy Are We So Easily 'Triggered'? School of Life
9/16/18San DiegoInstructions For A Happy Life Exurb1a
9/13/18San DiegoWhat Is An Existential Crisis? School of Life
9/9/18San DiegoWho Am I? School of Life
9/6/18San DiegoWhat Do Cynical People Really Want? School of Life
9/2/18San DiegoHow Does Reverse Psychology Work? SciShow Psych
8/30/18San DiegoHow To Remain Calm With People School of Life
8/26/18San DiegoThe 5 Love Languages Wisdom For Life
8/23/18San DiegoHow To Forgive School of Life
8/19/18San DiegoOn Self-Esteem School of Life
8/16/18San DiegoThe Science of Decision Making SciShow
8/12/18San DiegoIs Human Evolution Still Occuring? School of Life
8/9/18San DiegoShould You Trust Your First Impression? Ted-Ed
8/5/18San DiegoOn Confidence School of Life
8/2/18San DiegoWhy Is It So Hard To Live In The Present School of Life
7/29/18San DiegoThe Science Of Thinking Veritasium
7/26/18San DiegoWhat Is Success? TEDx Talks
7/25/18San DiegoKnowing Ourselves Intellectually Vs. Emotionally School of Life
7/22/18San DiegoThe Importance Of A Breakdown School of Life
7/12/18San DiegoCould Science Destroy The World? Science Magazine
7/8/18San DiegoThe Point Of Travel School of Life
7/5/18San DiegoEastern Vs. Western Philosophy The Self-Made Nerd
7/1/18San DiegoOn Unrequited Love School of Life
6/28/18San DiegoThe Lottery Of Life School of Life
6/24/18San DiegoThe Purpose Of Friendship School of Life
6/21/18San DiegoSuccess At School VS Success In Life School of Life
6/17/18San DiegoWhat Really Matters? TED
6/14/18San DiegoHow Emotionally Healthy Are You? School of Life
6/10/18San DiegoThe Problem With Our Phones School of Life
6/3/18San DiegoCan You Separate Art From The Artist? Rowan Ellis
5/31/18San DiegoHow To Soothe Ourselves And Others School of Life
5/27/18San DiegoThe Uses Of Envy School of Life
5/20/18San DiegoOn Blame The RSA
5/17/18San DiegoHow To Become A Better Person School of Life
5/13/18San DiegoThe Power Of Mentoring TEDx Talks
5/10/18San DiegoThe Willpower Instinct Project Better Self
5/6/18San DiegoThe Need To Be Alone School of Life
5/3/18San DiegoHow Awe Changes You SciShow Psych
4/29/18San DiegoOn Resilience School of Life
4/26/18San DiegoHow To Find Fulfilling Work School of Life
4/22/18San DiegoKelueana- Teaching Us to Look After the Environment BBC Earth
4/19/18San DiegoHow To Use Drugs School of Life
4/15/18San DiegoWhere Do Superstitions Come From? TED-Ed
4/12/18San DiegoFlow: Happiness in Super Focus Nerdwriter1
4/8/18San DiegoHow To Be A Good Teacher School of Life
4/5/18San DiegoThe Science of Attraction TED-Ed
4/1/18San DiegoWhy Comedy Matters School Of Life
3/29/18San DiegoSymbols and Symbolism mistersato411
3/25/18San DiegoWhy We're All So Anxious School Of Life
3/22/18San DiegoWhat We Can All Learn From Prof. Stephen Hawking WonderPhy6
3/18/18San DiegoShould We Be Allowed To Rest In Peace? (The story of an Irish Giant) NPR
3/15/18San DiegoOn Betrayal Big Think
3/11/18San DiegoThe First Follower Derek Sivers
3/8/18San DiegoWabi-Sabi (Beauty that is imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete) School Of Life
3/4/18San DiegoWhat is Philosophy for? School Of Life
3/1/18San DiegoThe Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of Luck SciShow Psych
2/25/18San DiegoThe Language of Lying TED-Ed
2/22/18San DiegoWhy We Hate Cheap Things School Of Life
2/18/18San DiegoWhat makes a hero? TED-Ed
2/15/18San DiegoWhat is the Stream of Consciousness? School Of Life
2/11/18San DiegoHow to Handle Crushes School Of Life
2/8/18San DiegoJuvenoia: The Psychology Behind Millennial Bashing SciShow Psych
2/1/18San DiegoWhat is deja vu? What is deja vu? TED-Ed
1/28/18San DiegoThe Philosophy of Stoicism TED-Ed
1/25/18San DiegoCognitive Biases 101 Big Think
1/21/18San DiegoHow to Lose the Fear of Being an Idiot School Of Life
1/18/18San DiegoWhy Incompetent People Think They're Amazing TED-Ed
1/14/18San DiegoLiving in the Spirit of MLK---"What are you doing to help others?" Corporation for National and Community Service
1/11/18San DiegoWhy You Need to Say Sorry School Of Life
1/7/18San DiegoThe Bystander Effect SoulPancake
1/4/18San DiegoHow To Keep Your New Years Resolutions PBS NewsHour
12/10/17San DiegoAn Ode To Knowledge Shots Of Awe
11/19/17San DiegoWhat Is Your Myers Briggs Personality Type? Psych2Go
11/16/17San DiegoHow To Argue With Your Partner School Of Life
11/12/17San DiegoYou Are Not What You Earn School Of Life
11/9/17San DiegoHow to Recount Your Dreams School Of Life
11/5/17San DiegoDo We Have Free Will or Are We Predetermined? School Of Life
11/2/17San DiegoFinding Your Mission School Of Life
10/29/17San DiegoIs Love a Useless Word? School Of Life
10/26/17San DiegoHow to Optimize Social Interactions Big Think
10/22/17San DiegoWhy We Should Set Systems...Not Goals Big Think
10/19/17San DiegoWhy Facts Don't Win Fights Big Think
10/15/17San DiegoThe Importance of Vulnerability School Of Life
10/12/17San DiegoHow to End a Relationship School Of Life
10/8/17San DiegoIs Technology Saving us or Enslaving Us Big Think
10/5/17San DiegoThe Shared Experience of Absurdity School Of Life
10/1/17San DiegoThe Psychology of Happiness & Feedback Big Think
9/28/17San DiegoThe Art of Alone TEDx
9/24/17San DiegoWhy Diversity Isn't Always Enough Big Think
9/17/17San DiegoHow to Appreciate the Hard Times Freedom in Thought
9/14/17San DiegoWhy it Probably Wasn't Better Being Single School Of Life
9/10/17San DiegoThe Psychology of Self Deception TEDx
9/7/17San DiegoWhat is Emotional Intelligence School Of Life
9/3/17San DiegoHow to Overcome Shyness School Of Life
8/31/17San DiegoOn Resilience School Of Life
8/27/17San DiegoWhat Kind of Thinker are You: Hiker or Race car? Big Think
8/24/17San DiegoWhy You Need an Early Night School Of Life
8/20/17San DiegoHow to be a Good Listener School Of Life
8/17/17San DiegoHow To Be A Genius School Of Life
8/13/17San DiegoOn Dealing with Rejection School Of Life
8/10/17San DiegoHow to conquer our fears WellCast
8/6/17San DiegoOn The History of Rituals School Of Life
8/3/17San DiegoIs There an Alternative to Political Correctness? School Of Life
7/30/17San DiegoHow to Narrate Your Life Story School Of Life
7/27/17San DiegoOn Dealing with Jealousy WellCast
7/23/17San DiegoWhy We Think So Much About Our Hair School Of Life
7/20/17San DiegoWhat to do About Being Clumsy School Of Life
7/16/17San DiegoLGBTQIA It Takes Courage
7/13/17San DiegoThe Importance of Flattery School Of Life
7/6/17San DiegoWhat is Kafkaesque? TED-Ed
7/2/17San DiegoWhy it's OK to Compromise in Love School Of Life
6/29/17San DiegoWu Wei - Doing Nothing School Of Life
6/25/17San DiegoTexting and Language: Atrocity or Evolution? TED
6/22/17San DiegoHow To Understand Power TED-Ed
6/15/17San DiegoCan Exes Be Friends? School Of Life
6/11/17San DiegoGood Enough Is Good Enough School Of Life
6/4/17San DiegoGratitude SoulPancake
6/1/17San DiegoStatus Anxiety School Of Life
5/28/17San DiegoHow to Keep Growing Up School Of Life
5/25/17San DiegoThe Nightmare of Colleagues School Of Life
5/21/17San DiegoHow the Right Words Help us Feel the Right Things School Of Life
5/18/17San DiegoWhy Clothes Matter School Of Life
5/14/17San DiegoWhy We May Be Angry Rather Than Sad School Of Life
5/11/17San DiegoHow To Choose A Partner Wisely School Of Life
5/7/17San DiegoThe Secrets of Happiness School Of Life
5/4/17San DiegoOn Feeling Melancholy School Of Life
4/30/17San DiegoOn Honest Communication School Of Life
4/27/17San DiegoWhy Introspection Matters School Of Life
4/23/17San DiegoEmpathy The RSA
4/20/17San DiegoHow to Complain School Of Life
4/16/17San DiegoWhy Small Pleasures are a Big Deal School Of Life
4/13/17San DiegoHow to Forgive School Of Life
4/9/17San DiegoOvercoming Childhood School Of Life
4/6/17San DiegoCan Lying Ever be Kind School Of Life
4/2/17San DiegoWhat Charity really means School Of Life
3/30/17San DiegoBeauty is NOT in the Eye of the beholder School Of Life
3/26/17San DiegoSelf Sabotage School Of Life
3/23/17San DiegoIn Defense of Needy People School Of Life
3/19/17San DiegoHow to Not be Boring School Of Life
3/12/17San DiegoWhat Can Ancient Greece Do For Us? School Of Life
3/9/17San DiegoOn Being Hated School Of Life
3/5/17San DiegoThe Imposter Syndrome School Of Life
3/2/17San DiegoWhy Hegel Knew There Would Be Days Like These School Of Life
2/26/17San DiegoWhy We Go Cold on Our Partners School Of Life
2/23/17San DiegoThe Problem with Overly Friendly People School Of Life
2/19/17San DiegoOvercoming Bad Inner Voices School Of Life
2/16/17San DiegoAre We Too Materialistic? School Of Life
2/12/17San DiegoWhy Teaching and Love Belong Together School Of Life
2/9/17San DiegoThe Mind Body Problem School Of Life
2/5/17San DiegoThe Clever Tricks of Advertising School Of Life
2/2/17San DiegoOn HonestyDaniel
1/29/17San DiegoThe Purpose of Friendship School Of Life
1/26/17San DiegoThe Pleasures of Total Disagreement School Of Life
1/22/17San DiegoWhy You Can Change the World School Of Life
1/19/17San DiegoThe Importance of Affectionate Teasing School Of Life
1/12/17San DiegoHigher Consciousness School Of Life
1/8/17San DiegoWhy We Could Love Anyone School Of Life
1/5/17San DiegoThe Dangers of Being Dutiful School Of Life
1/1/17San DiegoThe Importance of Staring Out the Window School Of Life
12/29/16San DiegoWhy We Sulk and How Not To School Of Life
12/18/16San DiegoWhy We Cry in Films School Of Life
12/11/16San DiegoWork/Life Balance School Of Life
12/8/16San DiegoWho Are You to Say That? School Of Life
12/4/16San DiegoWhat Do Cynical People Really Want? School Of Life
12/1/16San DiegoIs there a real you? TED
11/27/16San DiegoWhy Music Works School Of Life
11/23/16San DiegoFear of Missing Out School Of Life
11/20/16San DiegoHow to be an Entrepreneur School Of Life
11/17/16San DiegoIn Praise of Short Term Love School Of Life
11/13/16San DiegoHistory Of Failure School Of Life
11/10/16San DiegoWhy Nice People Are Scary School Of Life
11/6/16San DiegoThe Weakness of Strength School Of Life
11/3/16San DiegoWhy we hate cheap things School Of Life
10/29/16San DiegoReasons to remember death School Of Life
10/27/16San DiegoHow to help those we love School Of Life
10/20/16San DiegoWhy is it so hard to live in the present School Of Life
10/13/16San DiegoThe sanity of madness School Of Life
10/9/16San DiegoWhat is literature for School Of Life
10/6/16San DiegoThe uses of envy School Of Life
10/2/16San DiegoHow romaniticism ruined love School Of Life
9/29/16San DiegoWhat pop music can teach Philosophy School Of Life
9/25/16San DiegoIs human evolution still occurring School Of Life
9/18/16San DiegoWhat is an existential crisis School Of Life
9/15/16San DiegoHow to remain calm with people School Of Life
9/11/16San DiegoWhat's Education For School Of Life
9/8/16San DiegoConfidence School Of Life
9/4/16San DiegoOn being out of touch with one's feelings School Of Life
9/1/16San DiegoFirst World Problems School Of Life
8/28/16San DiegoAre you Romantic or Classical School Of Life
8/25/16San DiegoWisdom School Of Life
8/21/16San DiegoWhat is art for School Of Life
8/18/16San DiegoWhat comes after religion School Of Life
8/14/16San DiegoBeing a good Listener School Of Life
8/11/16San DiegoThe point of travel School Of Life
8/7/16San DiegoThe meaning of life School Of Life
8/4/16San DiegoSelf Esteem School Of Life
7/31/16San DiegoHow to use drugs School Of Life
7/28/16San DiegoWhat's wrong with the media School Of Life
7/24/16San DiegoStay in or leave a relationship School Of Life
7/21/16San DiegoWhy We're All So Anxious School Of Life
7/17/16San DiegoFriendship and vulnerability School Of Life
7/13/16San DiegoWho am I? School Of Life
7/9/16San DiegoLoving and being loved School Of Life
7/6/16San DiegoHow to become a better person School Of Life
7/3/16San DiegoHow to find meaningful work School Of Life