Friendship & Vulnerabili­ty

How do we get into good friendships?

What is behind randomly clicking with people?

Is it important to get good at something which may be at the heart of friendships…vulnerability?

Do we assume our strengths, accomplishments and things we are proud of draw others to us? Or do those just impress?

We get closer to each other the more we depart from the official story of what human beings are like and can start to show the truths behind our cheerful facade…

…Truths like: loneliness, how unlike normal sex lives we have, how envious we are, family issues, how worried we are

By exposing these, others could laugh, social media critiques – but thats the point. We can only get close by revealing that which could bring on humiliation if used by someone wishing us harm

Friendship is the dividend of gratitude – flows from an acknowledgement of something valuable…the keys to ones self esteem and dignity

Its really only ever the disclosure of the somewhat embarrassing, sad, melancholy & anxious parts of us that makes us endearing to others – and can transform strangers into friends.