How To Use Drugs

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What is a drug and which do we need? Essentially – drug is a thing that alters your mood acting via either the body or the senses to make an impact on the mind. We think about the weird, escapism, hyperactive and ecstatically relaxed

Easy to have a negative view of drugs. Drug dealers, raves, overdoses, rehab – things can go horrifically wrong around drugs. Does our awareness of the negatives create a misleadingly narrow view the subject

Drugs are at best – serious, dignified, noble, important and we need more in our lives

What about the interesting, fruitful and positive directions in which we should want our minds to be altered

Task of a drug – alter moods in any positive direction compatible with fulfilling ones highest ambitions

We need drugs to help us be more self analytical, hopeful, less prone to irritability, more politically tolerant, better at listening to others especially partners when they have legitimate complaints against us

More things that are drugs then we ordinarily suppose – move away from idea that drugs are pills or things that make you feel sick and kill you and make you look cool

Idea: the generation of benign (kindly) and positive states of mind through the use of external physical resources

OJ briefly strengthens the will & pomegranate juice has a soothing, calming effect

Fredrich paintings – 19th century german artist – intended to produce and expanded state of consciousness by a euphoric recognition of the immensity of nature and cosmos

Emmenthal cheese – mild, savory taste and yielding but not crumbly texture brings on a feeling of repleteness or satiation and is a quick anxiety reducer and envy suppressing drug like chocolate and hot buttered toast

Mozarts aria Soave sia il vento – briefly induces a heightened sense of tenderness towards strangers and mood of generosity towards one own and others stupidity re: relationships

Effects of all these vary from one to the next so key task with all drugs is to get good at what we really need to optimize our own functioning

Drug advisers could do a full audit of our natures and come up with which drugs are most suitable for our given characters

Drug use has been organized into rituals – tea is Buddhist ceremonies in japan and promoted focus, concentration and connection to others

Ancient Greeks Dionysian mysteries – built around structured use of red wine as part of religious festival – drink and dance in search of collective belonging. making what could descend into binge drinking into a festival, greeks directed immense power of alcohol towards beneficial states of mind. Wine became an occasion for fostering trust and loyalty between citizen in the city

Moods play immense role in our lives – we are haphazard in how we identify and deal with them by playing around with drugs we dont understand and can harm well being.

Broaden our sense of what a drug is