Friendship & Vulnerabili­ty

How do we get into good friendships?

What is behind randomly clicking with people?

Is it important to get good at something which may be at the heart of friendships…vulnerability?

Do we assume our strengths, accomplishments and things we are proud of draw others to us? Or do those just impress?

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Who Am I?

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Is it right to think of ourselves as the same person throughout life?

Personal identity – What ways are we ‘continuous’ through time? Where is personal identity located?

Does our body guarantee personal identity? If you lost all parts of your body but could keep 1 bit, what would it be? Almost all would pick our brain. So some parts of us our more ‘me-ish’ than others

How does the soul fit into this?

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Loving and Being Loved

Two very different varieties under the word love

Do the loving and be aware of our immature fixation on being loved

Being loved is the norm as a child. Parents dont reveal hardships to child. Relationship is almost always non-reciprocal. Parent and child both love but on different ends of loving and being loved.

When we long for love, we want to be loved as once loved by a parent.

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How To Become A Better Person

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Practicing the art of niceness sounds bizarre

1. Resilience – keeping going when things are looking dark. Reversals are normal. Human nature is tough.

2. Empathy – connect with the suffering and unique experience of another person. Courage to become someone else.

3. Patience – We believe things should be perfect. Grow calmer and more forgiving by getting more realistic about how things actually go.

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