The Sanity of ‘Madness’

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Life requires us to be pretty sane pretty much all the time. We have to be responsible, polite, productive, thoughtful, patient, logical, reliable and successful.

These obligations crept up on us as we were growing up – now our constant reality

No one can keep going like this over a whole lifetime

Because of this we may be drinking too much, waking up in the middle of the night, addicted to the internet, calming ourselves with sedatives, developing twitches and ailments.

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What is Literature for?

Why should we spend our time reading novels or poems when out there big things are going on?

Some of the ways literature benefits us:

1. It saves us time – because it gives us access to a range of emotions and events that would take years, decades, millennia, to try to explore directly.

It is the greatest reality simulator – a machine that puts you through infinitely more situations then you could ever directly witness

Lets you see what its like to get divorces, kill someone, quit your job or make a mistake while leading your country

It lets you access your life in relation to others

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The Uses of Envy

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When we feel envy, we are inclined not to exam it – instead we feel ashamed and guilty.

Envy, like fear, is an important emotion that exists for some good reasons – its there to help us know what we want.

Its a call to action about what we should be doing with the rest of our lives.

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How Romanticism Ruined Love

Romanticism emerged as an ideology in Europe in the mid-eighteenth century in the minds of poets, artists and philosophers, and it has now conquered the world. No single relationship ever follows the Romantic template exactly, but its broad outlines are frequently present nevertheless – and might be summed up as follows:

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