Are You Romantic or Classical?

The labels romantic and classical bring in to focus some of the central themes of our personalities and help to gain a clearer sense of who we and other people are.

Some of the things that divide romantic vs classical personalities:

1. Intuition vs analysis – romantics relish things that seem to slightly defy rational explanation…enthusiastic about feelings and wary of the intellect as a guide to life…one shouldnt always think too much…or probe a decision or mood too hard…they like instinct…one shouldnt always attempt to take apart emotions

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How can you strive to be wise like being healthy or kind?

It it impossible to reach a stable state of wisdom?

Wisdom seems woven from many strands:

1. Realism – the wise are realistic about how challenging things can be. Not devoid of hope but conscious of complexities entailed in projects like raising a child, starting a business, spending agreeable time with family, falling in love.

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What Is Art For?

Five things art might be able to do for us:

1. Art keeps us hopeful – most popular works of art in the world show pretty things, happy people, flowers in spring, blue skies.

This enthusiasm for prettiness worries serious types of people – they wonder have people forgotten what life is really like? That is a misplaced worry. We need pretty things close because terrible problems weigh heavily on us – were in danger of slipping into despair and depression.

Prettiness is an emblem of hope and achievement. Pretty art is hope bottled and preserved for when we need it.

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What Comes After Religion

Fewer and fewer people believe today. There might not be religion in large parts of Europe, N America, Australia and Asia in a generation.

Religions are asking us to believe in something and when one can’t believe, they stop with religion and point out all horrible things religions have done and continue to do. But belief is less important and perhaps the least interesting side of religion

1. Religions regularly gather people around and tell them to be nice to one another

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