Being A Good Listener

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Being a good listener is one of the most important life skills anyone can have yet few of us have been taught how to do it. We come to social life ready to speak rather than listen – hungry to meet others but reluctant to hear them .

Friendship degenerates into a socialized egoism

Things a good listener is doing that makes it nice to spend time in their company:

1 – they egg us on. Its hard to know our own minds – often we dont close in on whats really bothering or exciting us. We benefit from encouragement to elaborate. We need someone who instead of launching forward on their own to say: go on…

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The Point of Travel

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Is the point of travel to help make us in to better people?

A sort of therapy for our inner journey – trying to develop in particular ways: resilience, forgiveness, creativity

Go to places that help us in our inner evolution – outer journey assists with inner one

Every location in the world contains beneficial qualities

Old rock formations helps with perspective, free of preoccupation with petty and small minded, imbued with calm and resilience

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The Meaning of Life

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Why is wondering about the meaning of life is an important activity? What are practical steps to ensure we lead lives of maximal meaningfulness?

Reasons people say life has no meaning:
1. Religion – life had a clear meaning given to us by god. Meaning was about worshiping him
2. Modern science – scientists tell us life emerged from random interplay of chemicals and gases. Meaning for humans and all living things is survival and propagation of genes. Sounds true but futile and melancholy.

No objective meaning written in the stars, in holy books or in DNA

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What factors do you think contributed to your current level of self esteem?

Liking our self is crucial to any feeling of well being.

Why then people with modest job, unspectacular bodies, unglamorous friends who confidently claim high self esteem? Seem to like themselves without signs of approval from the world. Others where no amount of prestige of financial success does the trick.

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