How To Use Drugs

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What is a drug and which do we need? Essentially – drug is a thing that alters your mood acting via either the body or the senses to make an impact on the mind. We think about the weird, escapism, hyperactive and ecstatically relaxed

Easy to have a negative view of drugs. Drug dealers, raves, overdoses, rehab – things can go horrifically wrong around drugs. Does our awareness of the negatives create a misleadingly narrow view the subject

Drugs are at best – serious, dignified, noble, important and we need more in our lives

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What’s­ Wrong With The Media

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What are some of the things wrong with mainstream media?

1. The media excites us unnecessarily. Tantalizing headlines hook us in to gain money from advertisers or governments. We look to the media to see what matters but it really cares about what excites us. Whats most important sometimes is exciting too. Attracted most to power, fame, disaster and sex yet bored about schools, developing world problems and money supply. Similar to weakness for sugar, fat and salt. Media exploits this.

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Stay in – or Leave – a Relationshi­p?

One of the most consequential and painful decision we make – what was your thought process throughout your relationships?

We expect to be deeply happy in love and wonder if our relationships are normal sexually and psychologically

What films, novels, friends relationship status, noise around dating apps and how much sleep we’ve had can all play large rolls in influencing us to stay or leave

It seems no one else really minds what we end up doing which gives decision existential loneliness but historically the choice was easier due to external pressures around not leaving. Religions, societal shame and psychologists would say children would be scarred.

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Why We’re All So Anxious

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Are you anxious in today’s world? About work, people you have to see, chores?

Anxiety seems to be about certain things and if overcome we reach serenity but we’re anxious to our core – in the make up of our being

We’re up against anxiety as a permanent feature of life – dogged and existential. Responsible for ruining a dominant share of time on earth

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