The Point of Travel

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Is the point of travel to help make us in to better people?

A sort of therapy for our inner journey – trying to develop in particular ways: resilience, forgiveness, creativity

Go to places that help us in our inner evolution – outer journey assists with inner one

Every location in the world contains beneficial qualities

Old rock formations helps with perspective, free of preoccupation with petty and small minded, imbued with calm and resilience

Religions used travel as therapeutic activity – in middle ages one headed out on pilgrimage to fix what was wrong. Go to a relic, saint or holy family

Parts of the world still have a power to change and mend wounded parts of us.

New travel agent – Find out what is wrong and how we might want to change

Anxious go to see waves of Ireland west coast

Concerned with admiration and fame go contemplate ruins of Detroit

Out of touch with body – go to Porto Seguro for vibrant nightlife

We head off to travel wo knowing whats wrong with us or how destination is meant to help us – become more conscious travelers on search for qualities places poses like calm, perspective, sensuality, rigor

Strive to evolve our characters according to suggestions offered up by places weve been to – relearn how to be ambitious about travel.

See it as a way to grow into better versions of ourselves