The Sanity of ‘Madness’

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Life requires us to be pretty sane pretty much all the time. We have to be responsible, polite, productive, thoughtful, patient, logical, reliable and successful.

These obligations crept up on us as we were growing up – now our constant reality

No one can keep going like this over a whole lifetime

Because of this we may be drinking too much, waking up in the middle of the night, addicted to the internet, calming ourselves with sedatives, developing twitches and ailments.

No good life can or should go by without a few quite open incidents of complete breakdown – this should be evidence of normality and even health

We might be lying in bed staring for long periods, seeming to make no sense, wearing strange clothes, sitting on the porch all day doing nothing, shouting, singing, dancing, being silly, making unusual new friends, taking off to strange places – we should collectively know how to tolerate these phases without panic

We allow our bodies to have moments of breakdown and rest, we should allow similar moments for our minds.

It is apparently mental health that we destroy the planet, work to meet arbitrary economic targets, leave ourselves no time for anything but work, drown in toxic media and develop unrealistic expectations about our bodies, relationships and families.

Emphasis should always be on having a good mental breakdown where we allow ourselves to reconnect with valuable truths that we’ve lost sight of – emotions and insights that ordinary life has prevented us from investigating

Sexual explorations, creativity, heedlessness, contact with our bodies, empathy, ecstasy or a new kind of self knowledge

We should return from the land of madness and return to apparent sanity with valuable info that can sustain us in the future – give ourselves unfrightening accounts of what mad episodes mean

We need careful and sympathetic administration – we should expect that periods of madness just do belong to every wise and good life