What’s­ Wrong With The Media

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What are some of the things wrong with mainstream media?

1. The media excites us unnecessarily. Tantalizing headlines hook us in to gain money from advertisers or governments. We look to the media to see what matters but it really cares about what excites us. Whats most important sometimes is exciting too. Attracted most to power, fame, disaster and sex yet bored about schools, developing world problems and money supply. Similar to weakness for sugar, fat and salt. Media exploits this.

2. The media doesnt care about improving society. Media is meant to direct a mass audience to the greatest problems in society so as to push politicians to make necessary changes. But it focuses on scandals and thrilling misdemeanors of a few people.

3. The media has a tiny attention span. By constantly changing the topic, the media ensures nothing will remain a priority for long.

4. The media makes us anxious and scared rather than effective or sane. One makes more money getting us scared about bugs, viruses, explosions then getting one to a sane assessment of the dangers facing them, melancholy acceptance of death and compromise in general. More money making us furious then patient.

5. The media is sanctimonious and prurient or salacious. Reports in impassive terms about adultery or bad behavior of a model. Pretends to care about these transgressions while not admitting its titillating the audience. The media hypocritically satisfies our fantasies and our need to think ourselves normal and respectable.

6. The media forgets history. Called the news because of an obsession with the notion that the new and important go together. Most significant info could not always have happened is last 24 hrs

7. The media lacks the skill to make the boring things exciting. Long essays on global warming that few read. Choice is between the sexy and banal or serious and starchy. We need most serious issues presented in most engaging ways. Have to work double hard to make the serious exciting.

8. The media debases or lowers the value the idea of celebrity. Weve got the wrong celebs in front of us. We need the media to anoint people with fame for doing noble and good things that help a nation. dont get rid of celebs, get better varieties.

9. Justice, truth and wisdom. We think media is good because its free but freedom on its own is nothing. Need a media that isnt just free but also good. Able to direct a mass audience to what truly counts – justice, truth and wisdom.