Why Nice People Are Scary

We all say we want to be with someone nice – it sounds so plausible. But in practice, its pretty hard to deal with niceness when it does come along

A tiny part of us might think…if they’re any good, why are they interested in us? If we aren’t totally convinced of our own lovability, another persons affections can be a bit unnerving

i.e. wouldn’t they rather be with someone else…is something wrong with them?

People who treat us like shit can seem like they understand something profound about life and about us. Their assessment of us is more in line with our assessment of ourselves

We shouldn’t hold it against nice people if they like us, maybe they see something in us we’ve overlooked

Nice people shouldn’t be naive either – its very frightening to have to deal with niceness. It can be unfamiliar and freak some people out. So be ready for others to panic and hang on in there.