Why We’re All So Anxious

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Are you anxious in today’s world? About work, people you have to see, chores?

Anxiety seems to be about certain things and if overcome we reach serenity but we’re anxious to our core – in the make up of our being

We’re up against anxiety as a permanent feature of life – dogged and existential. Responsible for ruining a dominant share of time on earth

What might finally bring us calm? In the north, it relates to travel.

Or if the house was as we wanted it with everything in its place and perfect.

Or if we reach the right place and status in the company

Or if we have the right person in our lives, one who can properly understand us – kind, playful, sympathetic

Despite the passion in pursuit of the above, none will work. Anxiety remains at the beach, in the nice home, after selling company and in arms on another

Anxiety exists for well founded reasons – because we are vulnerable beings. Because of insufficient info to make most major life decisions – steering blind.

We can imagine more than we have

Media contributes to envy and restlessness

We are descendants of warriors – others have been trampled. We carry the terror of the wild with us still

Single most important move to approach anxiety – accept we will always be anxious

No need to be anxious that were anxious

Be more careful pursuing things that will spare us anxiety

Spare ourselves from loneliness – everyone is more anxious then we are inclined to admit

We’ve collectively failed to admit to ourselves what we truly like.

Laugh about anxiety – expression of relief. And hug sympathetically

Suffer alone but hold out our arms to our similarly fractured and anxious neighbors as if to say…I know.